Experiential Tourism

It is not the same to visit a destination than to feel a destination (smells, colors, taste, textures, etc) and to live a destination with its inhabitants.

Cultural Tourism

Discover the cultural aspects of Art, Cinema and History that offer and compose each of the municipalities of the Southeast.

Heritage Tourism

Promotes knowledge and exploration of social heritage to intervene as a researcher and activist of tangible history.

Nature Tourism

It carries out recreational activities in direct contact with nature in order to know, respect, enjoy and participate in the conservation of natural resources.

Gastronomic and Cultural Diversity

Typical gastronomy is increasingly asserting itself as a fundamental heritage for tourist development. Knowing and tasting the local cuisine is considered a cultural and sensory experience. In gastronomy it identifies the authenticity of a territory. The Southeast of Madrid has a varied gastronomy, with products of quality elaborated in a traditional way.

The culture of the towns refers to their customs and traditions like, language, beliefs, superstitions, popular celebrations, history in general, from its beginnings. For that reason, it is important to emphasize the cultural wealth that has the Southeastern of Madrid.

Fairs and Traditions

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