Zacatín Bridge and Barranco Fountain

Zacatín Bridge
Its a construction, between the 17th and 18th centuries, was long and costly, as it was an urban-plannig development designed to cross the gully that separated the old quarter of town from the later neighbourhoods, which is why the Plaza Mayor is found on top of the Zacatín tunnel.
This tunnel is an engineering work that consists of a long gallery of more tan 70 meters. Through it runs the riverbed of the stream that crossed the village and gives rise to a public fountain. The work lasted more than a century, and this is reflected in a plaque on the arch on which it can be read that ended: REING OF CARLOS IIII IN THE YEAR OF 1794.
Barranco or Zacatín Fountain
This fountain is located in the Zacatín Gardens, next to the Plaza Mayor, stands at the food of the Wall alongside which it is built. Water has been drawn from this spot since Roman times, in the second century BC.
The fountain itself was built in 1779, and is one of the most important ones in town, with an extensive gallery of waterways built on Romanesque arches.